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I hope you enjoy my stories:

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Secrets and Lies. (Thriller)

Standing at his father's grave, young Edward Kane vows revenge on those responsible for his murder. Now an orphan he finds himself living amongst the very people he blames for it and will soon discover that his father's death is just the beginning of their secrets and lies.
Eager for retribution, Edward begins to uncover them one by one, unaware of the devastating consequences they will bring. As tensions grow a terrible secret is revealed that ultimately leads to bloodshed and murder.
Can Edward survive and save the innocent caught up in the escalating violence he has created?

'A gripping read from start to finish' Pulp

Down a Dark Path. (Horror Anthology)

A murderer gets more than he bargained for in 'Scarlett' - An innocent man cheats death against a sinister demon in 'Shadow Man' - A man down on his luck sees an opportunity to turn his fortunes around but soon wishes he hadn't in 'Threadbare' -  A bogus reporter meets an old man with a terrifying tale in 'The Reunion' - Taking a short cut home proves to be a grave mistake for Blake in 'The Replacement' -  While waiting to die, Nate recalls the time he tried to alter fate that had disastrous consequences in ' Countdown' -  While carrying out a survey at an abandoned building, William is sucked into a ghostly nightmare in 'Lost Voices' -  A desperate warrior embarks on a perilous trek to find sanctuary only to end up fighting for his life in 'The Warrior'

'A great collection of unnerving and unusual stories' Pulp

My Soul to Take. (Fantasy Thriller)

After being saved from certain death, Amelia is plunged into a nightmare that involves her husband, a woman named Kate and an army of subterranean demons hell bent on war.


With the help of a renegade demon, she embarks on a perilous journey that is fraught with danger, betrayal and death.


'A real page turner, a thrilling read' Pulp

Retribution. (Supernatural Crime Thriller)

A spate of gruesome murders of several young men has DI Lockwood and his team baffled until an anonymous letter arrives that reveals the location of a girl who has been missing for over eighteen months. The two cases are connected and the lads are being punished for something they have done. As the body count rises, Lockwood races to save them but he soon realises that he's not looking for a man or a woman but, something else, something more sinister.


Coming soon.

A brief Background:

I started writing back in my early twenties but, inevitably, life sort of got in the way and I never acheived my dream of becoming an author. Back then I used pencil and paper, or old jotters, and kept them in a carrier bag. Most were unfinished short stories but I'd also written many other plot ideas.


Than, in 2004, the BBC held the 'End of Story' competition where you had the chance to finish one of eight stories from different authors. I chose Shaun Hutson's 'The Tunnel'. It didn't get placed but it did give me the encouragement to continue writing, adding to my previous efforts. However, a change in career around the same period, meant I had no time to write and it all came to another, full stop.


A few years ago, while clearing out the loft, I came across them again and, after reading a few, decided to put them onto computer in my spare time. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed writing and my love of story telling was rekindled. I'm glad I kept my old scribbles, they've proved very useful.


Since then I've been published in the Oxford Flash Fiction Anthology 'Sticks and Stones' with my story 'The Lover' and am due to appear in the Retreat West Anthology 'A Cast of Crabs' for being short-listed in their short story competition with 'The Leonids'. Due out 12th Sept. 2022

(both story ideas are from my old Woolworth's bag that I tweaked, teehee.)


It was these little successes that convinced me to publish my stories on Amazon.

"Why not?" I said to myself and, encouraged by my daughter, have now published three books with a fourth on the way.


Whenever I get free time I'm writing something, either for a book I'm trying to finish or a competition I'm hoping to win.


There, that's enough for now.

By the way, I'm featured on Pulp A new site for writing competitions and stories that's open to anyone over eighteen and from anywhere in the world. They also commented on my books. Shaun Hutson, the godfather of gore, is their VIP judge.

Give it a go, you never know. Just click their logo.

Perhaps I should take up poetry!



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I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed My Soul to Take. A really good read. ----Hi Jonathan, thanks for buying it and I'm glad you liked it.
Class collection of horror stories. Have you another anthology planned? ----- Yes, I have several other stories that need tweaking and I'm writing a few new ones but, it will be next year before it's ready.
Hi, when is Retribution coming out? ------ Hello Jon, in the next few weeks. Still mulling a few things over.
Read secrets and lies, it was great. I liked the picture of Charlie on the back. -----Thanks Debbie